Harmonia Hook

Daughter of Captain Hook


Otherworlder, Fictional

Harmonia Hook is a tall slender woman in what looks to be her late twenties. She has long black hair that hangs down in tight curls, and many of her father’s features in her face.
She also dresses much like her father, Red coat and hat, sword and flintlock pistol at her sides. Attached also to her belt now, are two bottles, one that sports a ship, the other a row boat.

As one might expect of a pirate, she is a bit brash, and even though she would never wish to admit to it, she has her father’s quick temper… it gets her into trouble.


Harmonia is the daughter of Captain Hook, what people don’t know is that, at least in her reality, Hook left behind a wife and daughter to pursue his mad quest at revenge on Pan.
When Pan fed her father to the Crocodile, she decided to become a pirate like her father, and followed in his footsteps, seeking revenge, for Pan had taken her father from her twice, and this time it was forever.

However, she turned out to be a better pirate than her father, and successfully disposed of peter pan for good. The revenge was bittersweet in her mouth, and it didn’t fill the hole he had left behind with his shitty parenting.

She did not want to remain as narrow sighted as he was. He spent all of his life, and all of her life, rowing the same boat in the same damn lagoon, chasing the same person fruitlessly.
So she burned Neverland and watched it sink into the ocean, before she set off to find some place far away from what she hated most, a place where she could perhaps have a normal life.

Harmonia Hook

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