Reference Librarian


By all appearances, she is a human female


Coppelia is a woman of mystery, and one with a reputation. She has oddly robotic movements, a connection to the Library network that is unnerving, and quite the fearsome reputation among the older fictional agents of the Library. To talk with them, they will admit to being not just a little creeped out by her since all apprehended dangerous Fictionals slated for deletion are handed over to her and NEVER SEEN AGAIN. No one quite knows what she does with them.

Appearance wise, her appearance fluctuates as fluidly as the layout of the Library itself – however, she almost always appears neat and tidy and trim and with some version of glasses. A good majority of the time, she also has a bun – but on days where her right arm is clearly robotic, she is more likely to be bald.


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