Dryad Lich



Codex is a pale female figure, with ink-black hair and eyes. Words, phrases, and small pieces of illustration are prevalent all over her skin. Her clothes are spartan, consisting of simple linen robes.


The world of Codex’s origin appears to contain technology and magic alike; it is known that logging interests were able to secure a forest despite at least one dryad standing vigil.

The dryad’s tree was felled, and processed, and eventually used for paper… which was eventually used for a number of books of varied topics… which eventually all came to reside in the same library.

The reunion of these books gave rise to an entirely new sort of creature – dead and remade, all vibrancy gone, even the memory of being a living creature now hazy and ill-defined. The knowledge inside those books and the library beyond, however, allowed for that creature to become quite intelligent – and soon, she stood watch over the library as any living dryad would stand watch over her forest.

Codex is typically calm and overly clinical, though grows hostile very quickly when her books – or indeed any books – are threatened.

The entirety of her phylactery collection has been moved to the Great Library, and she has in turn taken up residence there.


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