Passages of the Great Library

Prologue 4 - Take what you have learned and move on - "Sandman"

Where the hell AM I??

Tim Dresden was minding his own business in his shop when a woman came in begging for his wizardly help. She claimed that a menacing grim reaper ghost was threatening her and she was convinced it was going to kill her soon.

Using some dust, Tim revealed the ghostly plane and indeed, there was a reaper there- looming over his hapless client. He assured the woman that it could not reach them – but just then it struck out at him and he could feel it! Something was wrong, it wasn’t limited only to the ghost plane!

So, he opened up a portal to the plane to rid the realms of the reaper. His amulet Harry warned him when the portal opened that it wasn’t quite right…. but because of the immediate danger, he used his magic to push the reaper through the portal anyway – but when he did…. he got sucked through as well!

Suddenly, his California shop was nowhere to be seen and instead, he found himself in Piccadilly Circus smack dab in the middle of London. In point of fact, he was standing in front of a book store advertising the newest Harry Dresden novel – which, of course, confused the hell out of him since Harry was a dolt not a wizard anymore and why would anyone….. his dietracked mind refocused when he saw the reaper flying in circles over the street – out in the open, in this realm…. but no one seemed to see it…. well… no one except that one woman over there with the weird steampunk looking glasses and the notebook….

He crossed over to her and confronted her about the reaper. She was surprised that he could see it but took some readings on him and then nodded in a sort of satisfaction.

After talking, he revealed that he had come through the same portal as the reaper and was trying to vanquish it for a client – she said she was working for an agency that was trying to do something similar and since he could see it without the aid of apparatus, she could use his help.

So it was that Tim gained entrance to the Great Library and met up with the rest of our heroes.



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