Passages of the Great Library

Prologue 3 - The means by which we achieve victory are as important as the victory itself. - "Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings"_

Codex finds a new home

Codex began her evening quietly stalking her library – tending to the upkeep of the building and its books.

A strange sound a glowing green light made her aware that something had entered her library – and more to the point, had just taken one of her Phylactery editions off the shelf.

Codex quickly stalked to the location of the text that had been touched, and found a group of intruders standing before a green glowing portal in the process of removing several books from the shelves and moving them through said portal – she let out a horrid screech and accosted the group.

The intruders – World Book Agents, including Agents Resh and Tot – did not cease their work when Codex demanded it, spurring her to attack them with arcane magic. The Agents stood their ground and continued working even as one of them was badly injured by Codex’s assault.

With great care and through indicating the falling meteor through the skylights above, they convinced her that her library would perish in flames before the end of the night – and they were rescuing those books that could not be found elsewhere so as to preserve them.

Unapologetic, Codex began assisting the Agents – not only seeking out the First Editions they were after, but also gathering her collection of Phylactery books. There was some overlap in these lists, and once Codex began assisting, the Agents were willing to acquire even the books that were not on their lists.

When the last of her books were pushed through the porta before herl, Codex found herself dizzied and weak with the terrible sensation that she had just been ripped away from herself – soon, unconsciousness took her.

She awoke in a bedroom, surrounded by unfamiliar books that all seemed to be on teh subject of King Arthur and the legends of his knights, love and quests.

As she explored, crossing through the Merlin hallway, and following the pull of the closest of Phylactery books. In doing so, she came to find it in the hands of Coppelia, who introduced herself and the Great Library.

Her most precious books safe and sound in a far more secure location, Codex agreed to stay, and began to make her home in the Great Library as the newest Agent and Guardian – using sticky notes to begin communications with the unseen maintenance staff.

The means by which we achieve victory are as important as the victory itself. – “Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings”



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