Passages of the Great Library

Prologue 2 - You must want a special story - "Of Ducks and Dimes and Destinees


Harmonia Hook burned down Neverland, then took the Jolly Roger and sailed it away into the dark. Her heading was “Straight into Orion’s crotch and stop at midnight”.

Fog covered everything, and then they were near land and in the shallows. The water and the land looked….. strange, and so Captain Harmonia took a dinghy to investigate.

Through the fog and on the strange shore, she discovered that the Jolly Roger was in a river. It was on this shore that she met three walking bushes that sprouted duck heads – and those duck heads began to talk. The heads left the bushes and she found that they were strange bipedal duck man creatures named Huey, Dewy & Louie. Just when she thought that she might kill them with her sword for being so unhelpful about this land she was in, they were instead turned into rubber ducks by the magic of Magica de Spell.

Magika, thinking that running into a pirate like Harmonia was good luck, turned the Jolly Roger into a ship in a bottle on Harmonia’s belt and blackmailed the pirate into helping her break into Scrooge McDuck’s money bin to steal his number one dime.

Hijinks ensued as Harmonia had to deal with cartoon logic and cartoon physics – but she managed to break in – but as she reached for the dime, she found Hermione Granger sitting on top of the gold instead. Hermione convinced her to leave the dime where it was and instead transported Harmonia to the library to meet Coppelia. The reference librarian explained that she had been in a comic book and gave her a brief run down of the World Book agency – after a week in the lagoon and a reunion with her crew (she found that putting the bottle in a lake made the ship and crew manifest large as life again, and touching the bottle to the ship made it go back into the bottle) Harmonia agreed to search the worlds for treasure and fight pixies and bad magic by working as a World Book agent.



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