Passages of the Great Library

Prologue 1 - There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort - "Emma"

A Christmas Murder

Cat was walking about in London on Christmas eve day when he came upon something strange – images wavering in and out of reality – a graveyard appearing out of nowhere and a college professor he had seen in a bookstore before getting her head chopped off by what seemed to be the Ghost of Christmas Future.

On the scene he met a woman who was surprised that he noticed her, more surprised that he had seen the scene of the graveyard and the ghost, and most surprised that he was… well…. a talking cat.

With tools and things that went beep and a strange pair of glasses, she took notes and readings and measurements – and then called in a clean up crew to get rid of the dead body in the middle of the riverside park.

Interested in this organization that was covering up a murder, he helped the woman track down the professor’s place of residence by visiting the bookshop he’d seen her at. Once at the house, they found her living room full of rotting vegetables and fruits. In her bedroom, which was aged about 50 years, they also found a book entitled “The Murderous Ghosts of Chirstmas”. The agent opened the book and three ghosts flew out of it and out the window.

To make her job easier, she escorted the cat to the National Enquirer office where he was allowed through the door to the Great Library. He met Coppelia and was offered a position as a World Book Agent.

During training he learned about the Library’s quest to round up first editions…… being a first edition himself….. he decided to keep an eye on them all from the inside.



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