Passages of the Great Library

OOC - Prologues

What's the deal? Why so many Prologues?

For those of you reading our logs who may not be players in our campaign – I bet you are wondering why we have so many Prologues – well, let me explain.

As GM, I created a “prophecy” for each character made up of literary quotes. This prophecy was drawn via tarot cards that each had been assigned a different quote. Each character prophecy has 6 different quotes and each game session is meant to use one of those quotes as the guide for what will happen that adventure.

The first quote in each prophecy was not used for an entire game session – but instead to guide a one on one session with me and the one character whose prophecy the quote was from. These initial intro scenes are the 5 Prologues to the campaign – and after these 5 one on one scenes, we brought everyone together for our first group session – Chapter 1.



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